Saturday, October 12, 2013

"A Symphony of Cursors" (guest post by Jason Grout)

Today's post is from guest blogger, Jason Grout, lead developer of the Sage Cell Server.

The other day some students and I met to do some development on the Sage cell server. We each opened up our shared project on on our own laptops, and started going through the code. We had a specific objective. The session went something like this:

Jason: Okay, here's the function that we need to modify. We need to change this line to do X, and we need to change this other line to do Y. We also need to write this extra function and put it here, and change this other line to do Z. James: can you do X? David: can you look up somewhere on the net how to do Y and write that extra function? I'll do Z.

Then in a matter of minutes, cursors scattering out to the different parts of the code, we had the necessary changes written. I restarted the development sage cell server running inside the cloud account and we were each able to test the changes. We realized a few more things needed to be changed, we divided up the work, and in a few more minutes each had made the necessary changes.

It was amazing: watching all of the cursors scatter out into the code, each person playing a part to make the vision come true, and then quickly coming back together to regroup, reassess, and test the final complete whole. Forgive me for waxing poetic, but it was like a symphony of cursors, each playing their own tune in their lines of the code file, weaving together a beautiful harmony. This fluid syncing William wrote takes distributed development to a new level.