Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back from Sage Days 11 (UT Austin), which was very intense as are all Sage Days. It was a great workshop, and kickstarted many things, I hope. One very obvious big plus that came out of it was Craig Citro and Gonzalo Tornaria's work on massively optimizing the Cython-related dependency checking code in The current implementation was some crappy thing I literally did in an hour, which has really bogged down as the Sage core library has gotten massive. Also, there's now a lot of momentum behind implementing Dokchitser's L-functions algorithm natively in Sage, which I'm greatly looking forward to -- Sourav San Gupta did much work on this at Sage Days 11, and has done a lot since too (in addition to his heavy load of grad courses). Mike Rubinstein and Rishi are wrapping Rubinstein's Lcalc using Cython as well, so Sage will soon go from the best system for computing with L-functions to even better!!

Yesterday I thought a bunch about the Sage/Magma interface and wrote several demos and test code. I'm still not 100% sure about how I want to do this -- there are numerous interesting subtleties with Magma. For example, if you create QQ[x,y] in Magma, then create QQ[x,y][z,q], the variables x,y from the first ring will *not* play nicely with the variables x,y in the second ring, which is surprising, since it is different than what happens with Sage. Anyway, this and many other problems are solvable and I'll be working on this again a lot tomorrow.